Money, Power & Habits (Hard Copy)


The climate is changing at a rapid pace and we risk facing a mass extinction.
The first that will be caused by the ‘dominant’ species. The human species is already facing numerous challenges, from drought and famine to rising water levels and floods, these are just, but a few of the challenges we are facing. In this book I will share how to combat climate change amidst other priorities like economic development coupled with other human needs and desires.


You are changing the climate

This book is dedicated to my mother, Gloria Stella Achola, who sacrificed it all to see that I became a Lawyer.
To my Uncle, Dr. Richard Okello Omara and Aunt Florence Achola Omara who taught me that my background does not determine my destiny.
To Michael Wangusa and Tina Turyagenda who believed in me and reminded me that I had all it took to change the world.
To all climate change activists who continuously place themselves on the frontline for our sake and the Planet.


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