The Politics of Offertory

The pastor in my church is always talking about offertory, and every time during offertory he prays to God to bless the pockets that will give, at this time he is so loud for everyone in the church to hear in fact he is louder during this time than he is during the deliverance of sermons. He uses the Old testament to justify why we should give and I wonder if the new testament does not justify giving offertory. Last year during service he asked all of us to offer 50% of whatever we had carried to church, those who moved with one million shillings offered five hundred thousand shillings, those with one hundred thousand shillings gave fifty thousand shillings and everyone gave in that order up to the least amount perhaps.

The next Sunday he arrived in church with a brand new car, a Prado. I wanted to believe that he had ordered for this car before our mass offering but to date there’s no accountability for what we generously gave to the church.
Last Sunday he launched a new fundraising program in church, we are fundraising to build a new church, this is estimated to cost us one hundred million Uganda shillings and like the faithful christians that we are, we are definitely going to raise that money.

If Jesus Christ preferred poverty to wealth, why would a pastor with no known alternative job drive a Prado, where does he put our offertory. When God said we should take care of his servant did he mean that we should die poor trying to enrich his servants?

Many pastors in Africa and perhaps around the world have joined this lucrative business of pastoring God’s people, they are so good in this business that they recite the book of Deuteronomy from page to page and can quote the old testament from chapter to chapter.

I know that I am not very religious, in fact I am far from being religious. But if Jesus preached prosperity and blessed hard work, pastors too are supposed to work hard and even support the poor. They should offer trainings to the church on how to grow both financially and spiritually. Just like a pastoralist milks the cow after taking to it graze and drink from the stream, a pastor should also teach his sheep on how to grow wealth and invest it in doing God’s work.

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