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Akello Immaculate

I am a lawyer, social entrepreneur and climate change activist.
I am the founder and team leader at Generation Engage Network a youth led organization that believes in helping each other to become the best possible version of ourselves. I represented Uganda at the Vijjana Assembly in 2018 in Arusha and was the speaker of the 2018 National Parliamentary youth moot in Uganda.

My Idea

I intend to make this a premier destination for African continent regarding climate change, culture, business and African way of life. It is also the home to everything African and environmental.

I run a social entrepreneurship venture in the shea belt community of Otuke where I aim to combat climate change by encouraging them to engage in the sale of shea butter products, through the shea glo venture, I link the rural women to urban markets & offers skills based training to the women groups.

Akellokwan Book Club

I also bring to my readers the Akellokwan book club where I provide you with access to various books

Environmental Care

I will provide millions of Internet users with extensive expert advice, and information on the need for an African based approach to combat climate change with practical experiences that have worked elsewhere as well as constructive criticism to national and international policies on climate change.

My Twitter timeline

With twitter being one of the leading social media platforms for raising voices and advocacy, I use it to reach out to the world about my work

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